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Day One Was a Hit!


We had so much fun with you today! What a great lineup of visitors and activities!

We heard from Harriet Tubman and her father. Harriet told us all about life as a slave and her conviction that every man and woman deserves to be free. She talked about her elation as she crossed over into free territory. She knew that freedom was too sweet to enjoy alone, so she went back and personally lead 13 groups of slaves to freedom as a conductor of the Underground Railroad. She never once lost a "passenger" as a conductor, and it is estimated that she was involved in the freeing of over 300 slaves!

We also got to hear from revolutionary war hero, Major General Lafayette of France. He spoke about his time serving under George Washington and about the value of freedom. He reminded the kids that freedom was so precious it was worth laying down your life for, which is what many, many men did so that we could have the freedoms we enjoy today.

Mary Catherine Goddard, who's family ran the biggest printing press in Boston, was a huge promoter of liberty and was the only woman to sign the Declaration of Independence. After the 56 delegates had signed and were ready to print the engrossed copy (the copy that showed the signatures), they brought it to Mary's printing press. She added her name at the bottom in full support of the cause of freedom. After the war was over, Mary's brother came up with the idea of a national mail system. Benjamin Franklin became the first National Post Master General, and Mary became the first Post Master General of Boston.

Last, but not least, we heard from George Washington who told talked about the beginnings of the war including "the shot heard round the world" and the Boston Tea Party. He also shared the story of that cold, Christmas night when he and his men crossed the Delaware and caught the Hessians off guard, capturing 1000 of the 1500 men stationed on the other side. The kids got to walk in a pool of ice cold water to get a sense of how cold it might have been for the soldiers that night.

Thank you so much for your participation today! We are so looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow!

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