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Day Two

Today we had another successful day at Camp Freedom. The kids look so great in their new shirts! Thank you for having them ready to go this morning!

We had some great guests today. The kids got to hear from Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams. She told how she was "the first Second Lady and the second First Lady" and how she could see the British ships from her home and was able to act as a spy and inform her husband via letters about the movements of the British navy. We also heard from Edna Davis, a member of WASP (Women Air Force Service Pilots) who told about how she and other brave women became pilots during WW2.

At another station they met Harriet Tubman and her father, Ben Ross. The kids learned about the bravery of Harriet Tubman and her determination and her work in the Underground Railroad as she sought freedom for all slaves. Her father spoke about the importance of helping others and how proud he was of his daughters bravery and selflessness in not being able to rest until all could enjoy the same freedom she had found.

We also heard from Lydia Darraugh who told how her home had been quartered for the British army while she and her family still lived in the home. She had a son serving under George Washington. One night she overheard the plans the British had to surprise Washington with an attack at midnight that very week. She bravely snuck the news to Washington who then surprised the British by being prepared to meet them.

Lastly the kids learned about the role of the Minute Men and did a relay race to practice their Minute Men skills.

It was a packed day but we had so much fun! The kids have been great! We really appreciate them and are also so grateful to all of our volunteers who make this camp possible!

Just a reminder to go over the songs that the kids are learning so that we can be ready for Friday. We only get a limited time with them each day and it helps so much if you will listen to the music with them throughout the week so they can really feel comfortable before performing. HERE is the link again to the music tab.

Thank you again for all your support! Can't wait to see everyone again tomorrow!

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