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Thank You!

Another year has come and gone! We had so much fun with you all last week! Thank you for coming and supporting your kids and thank you to everyone who helped make this a successful week!

Just a couple last things:

We love hosting Camp Freedom each year and want to make it worthwhile for everyone involved. We have created a temporary feedback page on our website so that we can get your input as to what worked for you and what suggestions you may have going forward. Please take the time to let us know your thoughts HERE.

We have also added a "suggested reading" page to the website. We love to read and would love to share some of our favorite books with you! We have only added a few so far, but the list will grow. :) Feel free to check that out HERE.

I think that's it! Thank you again for joining us last week! We really appreciate you!

Until next year,

Camp Freedom

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